How to use Threading to remove unwanted Hair


HOW TO DO THREADING TO REMOVE UNWANTED HAIR Threading is an ancient hair removal method which is quickly growing in popularity and especially in the west. A temporary safe solution for removing eyebrows, the technique has  also been embraced for the  removal of  hair located on the chin, cheeks and on upper and lower lips. The procedure is easy to carry out if you follow the steps, but if you are not able, consulting your beauty therapist will help remove this hair although on a temporary basis. This is a great system of hair removal for men and women. HOW DOES THREADING WORK? Threading involves the pulling of a cotton thread along with the unwanted hair in the areas ...

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Laser Hair removal,who are Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal?


  Who are  the  Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal ? As one of the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures last year at our office in Tampa, often seems like it would be a great solution for just about everyone. In reality, there are some men and women who will see better results and are more ideal for the procedure than others. Here’s a look at the best candidates for laser hair removal. The Basics of Laser Treatment To understand why some men and women respond better to laser hair removal than others, it’s important to have an idea of how laser technology works to permanently reduce hair ...

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10 Ways to nourish your Soul


Soul Nourishment - As a woman it maybe quite likely you spend a lot of your time caring for others or even simply finding it hard to set boundaries and being able to say no with ease. Which means you end up doing tasks and  things when you really don't want to! And when this happens we become so frazzled and worn out it becomes important for us to nourish our souls. These things from the demands of children, clients,pets,parents and even friends can be  a drain and often at the end of the week you may find yourself exhausted, irritable and desperately wanting your space , peace and quiet longing for soul nourishment.Where is that deserted tropical island I hear you cry ...

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Skin Ageing – what factors cause Skin Aging?

skin aging

While we can't stop the clock completely, there are a number of things we can do to slow down the process of  skin aging and keep us looking younger and feeling better for longer. Here, we cover some of the factors which cause  skin aging.... Your  skin quality declines inexorably with time as it is  exposed to the elements, rarely adequately protected and often ignored. The key culprits are the sun, smoking and poor hydration. Even if you do look after your skin with a good skin care regime, the help of a good cosmetic therapist can  make all the difference to how well your skin looks as you age. What causes aging? 1 - The health effects of smoking are well known but ...

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Cosmeceuticals : the way to beautiful glowing skin


COSMECEUTICALS: What are they? Essentially the term cosmeceutical refers to the combination of cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceutical skin care differs from standard beauty products as they contain active ingredients with medical or dermatological benefits. Whilst some beauty products may claim to have cosmeceutical properties or ingredients, the majority of them don't contain high enough concentrations to penetrate the skin deeply enough. Cosmeceuticals on the other hand reach a deeper level of the skin without the need for a medical prescription. However, with every product promising younger looking skin and anti-aging benefits, it can be difficult to ...

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Top 10 Teenager Skin Care and Makeup Tips


Top 10 Teenager Skin Care and Makeup Tips Being in one's teenage years are probably among the most emotional years we can have in our lives. From finding out who we are , pushing boundaries, changing lifestyles, relationships with the opposite sex and study choices and the list goes on. A pivotal time in a  teenagers life.....Teenage skin can be problematic with acne , hormones,stress etc. We want our skin to look beautiful and glowing especially so as this is the face we show to the world! And especially if we want to look good for our boyfriends and girlfriends. Here we have compiled our top 10 teenager skin care and makeup tips for  teen skin you. Create a good ...

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Top 10 Anti-aging Skin Care and Beauty Tips

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                    Top 10 Anti-aging Skin Care and Beauty Tips Taking care of one’s skin is important. It our largest organ and it shows whether a person is healthy or not. Having glowing and healthy skin is not just something that shows one is beautiful, but it also makes one feel good. Looking after our skin is important if we want to  have beautiful wrinkle free skin as we mature, so here we have brought you our best top 10 anti-aging and beauty tips to include in your beauty routine. A young looking skin is what everyone wants. It’s like everyone is afraid of the aging process, especially the ...

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Mindfulness and Beauty


    Mindfulness is an approach to life that Buddhists have practiced and developed for more than 2,500 years, but it is only in the past decade that this approach has moved from 'monastery' to more mainstream arenas including beauty. Mindfulness, as the term denotes, is a mind ¬fullness with a deliberate mental attention and awareness. Mindfulness is 'coming to our senses' both metaphorically and literally, both externally and internally - as it happens, ' in the here and the now'. Mindfulness for Health Mindfulness for health techniques have been shown to assist in the management and reduction of stress that we often feel in our day to day lives. ...

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6 Quick Tips to Change your Hair Do


    Hair Tips and Hair Style Bored with your hair....? Stop right now before committing to a drastic hair style change, hours at the salon and make over your hair style locks with these 6 simple hair style solutions ♥1.  Thinking about forking out hundreds of dollars for an in-salon hair straightening treatment? First consider that it won't be a one-off cost -maintenance treatments are required as your hair grows out to its natural style. Not only that, the potential for damage due to chemical processing can be high. Read our Hair Straightening Tip! Instead, invest in good quality straightening irons, these are a great addition to your  hair looking as ...

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The Wonder of Skin Care


                Looking Younger from the inside out Quite simply you are what you eat. Research on our nutritional intake  effect on skin appearance goes back for hundreds of years. To turn back time for your skin, concentrate on adding super foods to your diet, antioxidant-rich supplements and natural botanical rich skin care to create glowing healthier skin.The wonder of our skin is that it is so responsive to what we do, think and how we treat it! During each day, thousands of your skin cells are shed. By supporting your body with essential nutritional and antioxidant support, your skin will look healthier and ...

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Your 11 Best Beauty Super Foods


    The Best Beauty Foods contain high levels of anti oxidants and are also well regarded for their anti inflammatory and anti parasitic properties..... By adding foods to your diet that boast high concentrations of the  minerals zinc, iron, selenium,  iron and magnesium can offer big beauty benefits. From avocado to turmeric, foods considered beautifying are such largely because of the alkalising effect they have on the body. Beauty foods contain high levels of antioxidants and are well regarded for their antiparastitic and anti inflammatory properties. Best Beauty Foods Avocado- This one of the super beauty foods boasts high concentrations of skin ...

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Dental Cosmetic Surgery


    Dental Cosmetic Surgery - Is it Right for You? Who doesn’t want a perfect and eye-catching smile? We all do, but the problem is that we can’t make our teeth grow the way we want them to be. Plus, at times, due to lots of sweets, coffee and tobacco, we end up with really terrible teeth… and an unattractive smile. Even though it’s a fact that no one is perfect, but we should do whatever we can to enhance our looks. When it comes to having a great smile, dental cosmetic surgery can help you get beautiful teeth and an amazing smile. What Should You Consider - Dental Cosmetic Surgery Before you make your final decision and choose to go for dental ...

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5 simple steps to Happiness


Happiness is the way to a wonderful life. We all want to be happy and yet for so many of us, happiness is an elusive and difficult state to attain.And sometimes, no matter how hard we try,happiness seems  to slip further away from our grasp.With a few simple steps US psychologist Barbara Fredrickson recently shed light on the evolutionary role of the positive emotions of happiness and gratitude. Through her many studies she has found that collectively, the positive emotions help us to create and seize  opportunities . For example she says, "enthusiasm" helps us to gather energy to achieve our goals and "interest" helps us to focus our energy on solving problems or ...

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